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Train the trainer

This course assumes prior knowledge of the subject (i.e. completion of Detailed Awareness Course) and is intended to be available both to local authority employees and other organisations. It is an intensive day requiring substantial input from participants in problem-based learning workshops and group presentations. It will typically require two presenters.

Problem Based Learning (PBL) involves working, in small groups, on carefully defined “cases”. A member of staff will work with each group and facilitate awareness and understanding of the various concepts, ideas and theories relevant to autism. PBL will also help delegates to develop a range of skills vital for building group awareness in staff teams working in the field of autism.

Participants will also be provided with a basic kit to help them to build their own training programmes suitable to their organisation.

The course covers much of the same ground as the advanced course described above and addresses the key requirements of:

  • the theory and research that underpins working with individuals with Autism,
  • triad of impairments,
  • social difficulties, language and non-verbal communication: predicting the consequences of actions and transferring learned skills into new situations,
  • special interests,
  • sensory issues,
  • diagnosis, and those without a diagnosis,
  • profiling of abilities and skills ('spiky profile),
  • preferred communication styles,
  • importance of verbal and non-verbal communication techniques,
  • effect of emotional state and environment on the abilities of a person with ASD,
  • impact on individuals, families and carers,
  • structure, schedules, change and unpredictability,
  • importance of consistency, and
  • tther conditions that may be associated with ASC: ADHD, dyspraxia, bowel and bladder conditions, epilepsy, mental health issues.

At the end of the course those attending will have insight into the development of their own programmes. A class size of up to 20 can be accommodated for this course.