Autism Diagnostic Research Centre
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Detailed awareness course

This is a half day course that builds on the basic course. It requires preparation in advance by those attending and more active participation during the course. It is more suitable for those working with people on the Autism Spectrum on a regular basis or those in positions of responsibility. The course has extended modules on Person-Centred Planning and Living with Autism including some of the more difficult areas of personal relationships and dealing with authority.

The course coverage is more extensive than the basic course and addresses the key requirements:

  • the theory and research that underpins working with individuals with Autism,
  • triad of impairments,
  • social difficulties, language and non-verbal communication: predicting the consequences of actions and transferring learned skills into new situations,
  • special interests,
  • sensory issues,
  • diagnosis, and those without a diagnosis,
  • profiling of abilities and skills ('spiky profile),
  • preferred communication styles,
  • importance of verbal and non-verbal communication techniques,
  • effect of emotional state and environment on the abilities of a person with ASD,
  • impact on individuals, families and carers,
  • structure, schedules, change and unpredictability, and
  • importance of consistency.

At the end of the course those attending will have a more advanced understanding of key issues and practical implementation of solutions. A class size of up to 30 can be accommodated for this course.